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Hi! Alan in Brisbane

Hi.  My name is Alan and I want to change the world.

Not a lot, just the average person’s perception of it.

When I accepted my first assignment overseas, I was surprised to find that much of the online information was often inaccurate, outdated, or flat out wrong.  It seems the real agenda was to lure me in with the promise of useful information, and then entice me to click on some slick banner add to learn about tax havens, fractional gold futures, or beachfront condos in Panama.

Living and working overseas is not as simple as getting a passport and climbing on a plane and then looking for a job and staying long term once you find a place you fancy. You will likely be deported back home – swiftly.   Most countries welcome your travel dollars, but they want to save the good jobs and employment for their own citizens.  After four decades of international travel and over a decade as a permanent resident in Asia, I decided to create this site to help folks like yourself benefit from my experiences and learn from my mistakes.

If you come across a blog, picture or information that captures your interest, please actively interact.  Comments and likes are always appreciated.  Questions will be answered – sometimes even promptly!  Come along for the ride.  The ticket is free and the scenery is great… oh, and I promise NEVER to try to sell you a beachfront condo or a second passport (which is usually illegal)!

Cheers Mate!

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